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After a freak car accident, Professor Robert Madigan begins to suffer impairment of his short-term memory.  Suddenly, moments that have just occurred are impossible for him to recall.  His family and friends struggle to help him, but, as time goes by, it starts to appear to be more than a temporary condition.  His job, his marriage, and his life begin to suffer, but nothing he tries is working.

Then, on his way home from work one day, Robert finds himself standing over a battered, dead body.  His hands are covered in blood, but he has no recollection of what transpired before that moment.  The police arrive on the scene and take the professor in for questioning as their lead suspect.

As the police investigate the murder and sort out the details, Robert and his family begin to question the professor’s lost memory.  Had he been under enough stress to have snapped?  Or did he witness a crime that he cannot remember the details of?  And if he was a witness, what would a murderer do to keep his only witness quiet?   

To uncover the truth, Robert must work with the detectives to piece together what happened that evening, no matter what the cost.  But will he remember anything, and will it be too late?