Laura Griffith Custom Plays
Your source for scripts that fit your needs

Published author and playwright, Laura Griffith, has formed this division of her writing products to help serve community, school, business, and theater organizations. In this struggling economy, these organizations are looking to find scripts for small or large productions that fit into the budget. Plays are difficult to find that meet the needs or message trying to be conveyed, and it’s even more difficult to find one that matches the space and cast available. Laura has assisted several theatrical organizations in the Joliet area in this endeavor – creating Billie Limacher Bicentennial Park’s annual Halloween show, Transylvania General or Minooka’s Children’s Group’s How Once Upon a Time Began.

We currently offer pricing for the following:

  1. Shows for kids
  2. Shows for adults
  3. One-Acts
  4. Holiday shows
  5. Discounted rates for existing scripts

Contact me at for a quote.