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Remember, my first novel was released in July of 2010 through Otherworld Publications. Sadly, Otherworld Publications closed their doors at the end of 2012.

However, I found a new home for Remember (and subsequently for myself) with Blackwyrm Publishing.

Be sure to take a moment and browse through Blackwyrm’s collection of books and games.

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Latest Works

Transylvania General is a fun, family-friendly comedy about some unique characters that work for a bizarre hospital. The hospital is run by the infamous Dr. Frankenstein who is assisted by a group of enthusiastic (though not always brilliant) Igors – as well as the Monster of his own creation. The Lead Igor helps to tell a story of one crazy night shift at the hospital – which would take place at no other time but the night before Halloween. During the course of the evening, the hospital staff encounters an injured vampire, a person who insists they are invisible, a werewolf with a unique problem – and Steve. Transylvania General is a tale of striving for goals, being different… and puppets.



Currently out of print – stay tuned for details on its re-release

After a freak car accident, Professor Robert Madigan begins to suffer impairment of his short-term memory.  Suddenly, moments that have just occurred are impossible for him to recall.  His family and friends struggle to help him, but, as time goes by, it starts to appear to be more than a temporary condition.  His job, his marriage, and his life begin to suffer, but nothing he tries is working.



Get a taste of five different writers in this special compilation dedicated to help those affected by the Haiti earthquake: • Trials by Lynn Tincher • Believe by Laura Griffith • Dirt by BR Stateham • Charm by Charlotte Hopkins • April Fool's Day by Jennifer Brown • Remembering The Pink Snow by Jeannie Mullinix From inspiration, to suspense there's an intriguing story to fit your reading pleasure!


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